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The election process has been under fire this past year, with stories of hacking and rigging elections dominating the news. During that time and for the 22 years prior, the California Voter Foundation has been here to help maintain the integrity of the electoral system and be an advocate and voice of the voter. 

We know voting is important, and as Californians with a tradition of direct democracy we have especially important choices to make when we vote.

CVF has fought to protect and improve the voting process, by eliminating paperless electronic voting, by ensuring California’s post-election audit laws are sound, and by ensuring voters can follow the money and make informed voting decisions. CVF is a leading and trusted voice in the public arena and in the media, providing a valued, nonpartisan perspective on issues that matter to voters.

In 2016, the job of the California voter was more difficult than ever, with 17 propositions on the ballot and voters in some cities receiving as much as 500 pages of ballot pamphlet information.

CVF has improved the way we get informed about elections by putting reliable, nonpartisan information online. We’ve helped voters look up their registration status, or vote-by-mail status online, 24 hours a day. In 2016, CVF helped pass a law to expand voters’ access to candidates’ statements.

In 1994, we pioneered online resources for voters.  Today, is one of many great resources on the internet, drawing over 1.3 million visits, a record number, and 5 million page views for the 2016 election cycle.  Our entertaining and informative “Proposition Song” logged more than 31,000 views on YouTube.

CVF has also worked hard to improve California’s vote-by-mail process, especially to reduce the unacceptably high number of rejected ballots -- anywhere from 1-3 percent of all mail ballots cast in a statewide election.

Because California voters now have a grace period with mail ballot delivery and counties must accept vote-by-mail ballots postmarked by Election Day, tens of thousands of ballots across the state that otherwise would have been rejected were instead accepted and counted in 2016.

CVF supported this change, as well as another that allows voters who forget to sign the mail ballot envelope to submit their signature separately from the ballot. This rescued 1,000 ballots in Sacramento County alone.

With the enactment of Senate Bill 450, California is poised to make sweeping changes to its election process. Voting by mail, already at an all-time high, will expand further.

CVF will be working to make voting less confusing by promoting greater consistency in the voting experience across the state. We will also be collaborating with the Future of California Elections to improve the voting process and get the state funding local governments need to provide the quality voting experience all Californians expect and deserve. 

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All contributions to CVF are tax-deductible and greatly help support CVF’s budget.

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Thank you for joining us in supporting a reliable and trustworthy voting process in which voters make informed and confident choices.


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