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Dear Friends:

The need for secure elections and reliable voting information has never been more apparent than it is today.

You can help secure the vote and help voters exercise their voting rights by making a donation to CVF.

For nearly 25 years CVF has worked effectively with California Secretaries of State, state and local lawmakers, and other non-profit advocates to enact major reforms such as electronic filing and online campaign finance disclosure, a voter-verified paper ballot requirement, and access to reliable, online resources to help voters effectively engage in the voting process.  

In 2018, CVF is working to:

  • Improve election integrity, by strengthening California’s post-election audit process and increasing public funding for new and more secure voting systems

  • Reduce voter disenfranchisement by reducing the number of rejected vote-by-mail ballots, caused by problems verifying envelope signatures

  • Ensure effective local implementation of the Voter’s Choice Act, a “vote center” voting model being piloted by five California counties, including Sacramento

  • Produce a new “Proposition Song” music video, CVF’s creative way of informing California voters about ballot propositions

Donations by check may be sent to:

California Voter Foundation, PO Box 189277, Sacramento, CA 95818

Contributions are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support of CVF!

The California Voter Foundation

L-R: Mindy Romero, Geoffrey Wandesforde-Smith, Cathy Darling Allen, David Jefferson, Kim Alexander, Susan King Roth, Steve Levine. Not pictured: Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Jack Lerner

Kim Alexander, President & Founder
Prof. Geoffrey Wandesforde-Smith, Board Chair
Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Board Vice-Chair
Prof. Jack Lerner, CVF Secretary
Steve Levine, CVF Treasurer
Dr. David Jefferson, CVF Parliamentarian
Dr. Mindy Romero, Board Member
Cathy Darling Allen, Board Member
Prof. Susan King Roth, Board Member


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