Job Description

* Term of Office: 4 years
* As the chief law officer, ensures that the laws of the state
are uniformly and adequately enforced.
* Heads the Department of Justice, which is responsible for
providing state legal services and support for local law
Acts as chief counsel in state litigation and serves as legal
advisor to the Governor, Legislature, boards, commissions and
* Oversees law enforcement agencies, including District Attorneys
and Sheriffs.
*SALARY - $102,000

1994 Candidates

Dan Lungren - Republican
Tom Umberg - Democrat
Richard Burns - Libertarian

Robert J. Evans - Peace & Freedom
(no information provided)

Review/Analysis by the California Journal

The Race for Attorney General: Two distinctly different attorneys
see themselves as "top cop"

Past and Present Officeholders

Past Officeholders Party Affiliation Years in Office
Dan Lungren Republican Present
John Van de Kamp Democrat 1983 - 1990
George Deukmejian Republican 1979 - 1982
Evelle J. Younger Republican 1971 - 1978
Thomas C. Lynch Democrat 1964 - 1970
Stanley Mosk Democrat 1959 - 1963


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