Job Description

* Term of Office: 4 years
* As chief fiscal officer, acts as the state's accountant and
bookkeeper of all public funds.
* Administers the state payroll system and unclaimed property
* Serves on numerous boards and commissions including the Board
of Equalization and the Board of Control.
* SALARY - $90,000

Review/Analysis by the California Journal

The Race for Controller: Republican veteran Tom McClintock takes on Democratic newcomer Kathleen Connell

Past and Present Office Holders

Past Officeholders Party Affiliation Years in Office
Gray Davis Democrat 1987 - Present
Kenneth Cory Democrat 1975 - 1986
Houston I. Flournoy Republican 1967 - 1974
Alan Cranston Democrat 1959 - 1966
Robert Kirkwood Republican 1952 - 1958
Thomas H. Kuchel Republican 1951 - 1952


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