Job Description

* Term of Office: 4 years
* As the state's banker, manages the state's investments.
* Administers the sale of state bonds and notes and is the
investment officer for most state funds.
* Chairs or serves on several commissions most of which relate to the marketing of bonds.
* Pays out state funds when spent by the Controller and other
state agencies.
*SALARY - $90,000

1994 Candidates

Phil Angelides - Democrat
Matt Fong - Republican
Jan Tucker - Peace and Freedom
Jon Peterson - No party affiliation listed

Review/Analysis by the California Journal

Two political up and comers vie to become the state's banker

Past and present officeholders

Office Holder Party Affiliation Years in Office
Kathleen Brown Democrat 1991 - Present
Thomas Hayes Republican 1987 - 1990
Jesse M. Unruh Democrat 1975 - 1987
Ivy Baker Priest Republican 1967 - 1974
Bert A. Betts Democrat 1959 - 1966
Donald Button Republican 1956 - 1958


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