Attorney general
The state's top cop

* elected for 4 years

* top law enforcement officer in the state

* serves as legal advisor to governor and legislature

* runs the state Department of Justice

* oversees all sheriffs and district attorneys

DAN LUNGREN - Republican
* Age: 47
* Lives in Roseville

"As California's Attorney general, I have devoted my office to public
safety. We carried out California's death penalty for the first time in
25 years. We led the charge for more police and prisons, proposed tough
anti-gang and safe schools programs and defended victim's rights."

Top Priorities:

* Fight crime.

* Fight drugs and gangs.

* Ensure honesty and fairness in public officials.

TOM UMBERG - Democrat
* Age: 38
* Lives in Garden Grove

"As a former military and federal prosecutor, I've devoted my career to
fighting crime. I've convicted drug dealers, gang members and white
collar criminals. As an assemblyman, I've written bills supporting
victims' rights and increasing penalties for rape and selling drugs."

Top Priorities:

* Reverse California's growing crime problem and reform California's
juvenile justice system.

* Protect the environment and a woman's right to choose.

* Provide more law enforcement officers on our streets, enforce
California's death penalty and keep our schools safe.

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