The state's bookkeeper

* elected for 4 years

* acts as the accountant and bookkeeper for the state, keeping
track of how money is spent

* issues most checks from the state

* does audits or reviews of state operations

* serves on 60 boards and commissions

* Age: 46
* Lives in Los Angeles

"I am a successful businesswoman, a teacher at UCLA and Berkeley, a
former vice-president of one of the nation's largest banks, and former
Director of Housing for the City of Los Angeles."

Top Priorities:

* Rebuild California with an effective jobs creation policy.

* Root out waste and fraud in state government with a tough audit program.

* Save taxpayer's dollars by moving California toward performance-based

* Age: 38
* Lives in Rocklin

"I have been fighting against government waste and taxes for over twelve
years, as an assemblyman and the leader of an anti-tax organization. The
Controller is designed to be the taxpayer's watchdog. I will be a
watchdog with a bite."

Top Priorities:

* Make California tax policy more business friendly so jobs will be created.

* Audit state government agencies to get rid of waste and fraud.

* Use the Controller's office to propose reforms that will help
California get out of debt.

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