The top boss in California

elected for 4 years

oversees most state departments and agencies; approves or rejects new state laws

* presents annual message and state budget to the legislature

* chooses department heads and members of boards and commissions

* picks judges for all levels of courts

* Age: 48
* Lives in Los Angeles

"I was born and raised in California. I am a mother and a grandmother who served on the school board for many years. For the last four years, I have been the Treasurer of California, saving taxpayers money and trying to create jobs."

Top Priorities:

* Create one million good new jobs in California.

* Reduce crime and make California safe again.

* Provide a good education for every child in California.

- Peace & Freedom
* Age: 39
* Lives in San Francisco

"I have 21 years of experience fighting for jobs for all and social justice. I know how it is for millions of Californians to struggle to survive. I stand on the workers' side, not with the big companies and super rich."

Top Priorities:

* Defend rights for all immigrants.

* Tax companies to fund full employment, schools, healthcare, childcare, libraries, environmental protection. The big companies have hundreds of billions of dollars; workers created that wealth.

* Jobs and education to prevent crime, not more prisons.

JEROME MCCREADY - American Independent
* Age: 45
* Lives in Castroville

"I have been a tax paying citizen for over 25 years and a resident of California for over 25 years. As a self-employed businessman, I have been very much in touch with the needs of the people."

Top Priorities:

* Use whatever is needed to close our borders, with more penalties for hiring illegals.

* End all retirement programs for all elected state officials.

* Put respect into the office of Governor and get rid of unneeded statewide offices!

RICHARD RIDER - Libertarian
* Age: 49
* Lives in San Diego

"I'm a stockbroker and financial planner. As a retired naval reserve officer, I know how government works. But most important, I fight against higher taxes. By defeating higher taxes in court against the politicians, I have saved California taxpayers over eight billion dollars!"

Top Priorities:

* Undo all the Pete Wilson tax increases.

* Cut the state budget at least 25%.

* Provide more jobs by making California more friendly to business. We will do this by lowering taxes and cutting back our anti-business regulations.

PETE WILSON - Republican
* Age: 60
* Lives in Sacramento

"I've spent thirty years in public service fighting to make our streets safer, our schools better and our economy stronger. As Governor, I've signed "Three Strikes, You're Out," sent National Guard troops to the border and fought to bring new jobs to our state."

Top Priorities:

* Continue to revive our economy to create new jobs.

* Reclaim our streets from the fear ofviolent crime.

* Restore fairness and integrity to our nation's immigration laws.

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