Insurance Commissioner

The insurance chief

* elected for 4 years

* runs the Department of Insurance which was started by Prop 103 in 1988

* makes sure the state insurance industry follows the California
Insurance Code

* responds to public questions and complaints about insurance

- Libertarian
* Age: 34
* Lives in Pasadena

"I am a claims adjustor with 10 years experience in the insurance industry, working with both policyholders and insurance companies on a daily basis.
I ran in 1990 and received 433,000 votes. I am married and have a baby daughter."

Top Priorities:

* Promote free market competition by deregulating the insurance industry.

* Protect our health care choices by keeping government out of it.

Reform workers comp so businesses will stay in California.

TOM CONDIT - Peace & Freedom
* Age: 57
* Lives in Berkeley

"I am running for Insurance Commissioner to help end the power of big
corporations. I'm working to change society so we will take care of each
other instead of having to pay insurance companies to give us health care
and old age benefits."

Top Priorities:

* Fight insurance company discrimination against people because of where
they live or what their race is.

* Get one system of health care for everybody, like Proposition 186.

* Create a low-cost state car insurance plan.

* Age: 40
* Lives in Cupertino

"My wife and I created a successful business from nothing. As a
businessman, I've struggled to find affordable insurance for my family
and employees. I'll be able to streamline the Department of Insurance to
make sure it is responsive to you."

Top Priorities:

* Fight insurance fraud and keep uninsured motorists off the streets.

* Help small businesses and the unemployed get and keep health insurance.

* Increase competition between insurers so they'll lower their prices to
get your business.

ART TORRES - Democrat
* Age: 47
* Lives in Los Angeles

"As chairman of the Senate Insurance Committee, I have fought for the
rights of consumers who have been victims of unfair insurance practices.
I held America's first televised interactive hearings where voters participate
live via an 800 line. I don't accept money from insurance companies!"

Top Priorities:

* Get consumers the $1 billion in rebates due to them under Proposition 103.

* Cut insurance rates by 25% by fighting insurance fraud.

* Establish a public Advisor to fight for working Californians who are
victims of unfair insurance company tactics.

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