Lieutenant Governor
The next in line

* elected for 4 years

* becomes Governor if the elected Governor dies, chooses to leave,
or is removed from office

* has a tie-breaking vote in the State Senate

* heads up the Economic Development commission which works on
the state's economy

* sits on the boards of the California University systems

GRAY DAVIS - Democrat
* Age: 51
* Lives in Los Angeles

"I have served as State Controller since 1987. Before that, I was a State Assemblyman for four years and Chief of Staff to the Governor for seven
years. I am also a Vietnam veteran and former chair of the California Council
on Criminal Justice."

Top Priorities:

* Bring California back by creating more jobs.

* Support the death penalty and tougher sentences for violent offenders.
Stop the increasing crime that gets in the way of our economic comeback.

* Support and protect a woman's right to choose.

ROBERT LEWIS - American Independent
* Age: 42
* Lives in Los Angeles

"I'm a repairman, having spent 15 years making complex systems work
efficiently. Corruption has led to 5 legislators convicted in 4 years.
California needs more than just another tune-up artist -- someone who
will simply not take from local government to cover state government's

Top Priorities:

* End the corruption that has criminally claimed 5 legisators in 4

Our standard of living and economic health demand hard science and
merit in our education system.

* Fight to win the job war, not lose to the flight.

- Green
* Age: 58
* Lives in Half Moon Bay

"I have thirty years experience editing books about politics, social
issues and the environment. I have worked actively in the civil rights,
anti-war and anti-nuclear movements. I helped start a Community
Council in my county. I am a founding member of the Green Party."

Top Priorities:

* Help reduce crime and family violence by teaching non-violence in all

* Create jobs by promoting economic cooperation instead of cut-throat

* Work to support religious and land rights of Native Americans -- the
original Californians.

CATHIE WRIGHT - Republican
* Age: 64
* Lives in Simi Valley

"I have been a wife, mother, and an elected official. I have learned the
importance of education for my daughter. As a former City Councilwoman,
Mayor, Assemblywoman, and now as a State Senator, I know what government
can do to help Californians everywhere."

Top Priorities:

* Use the office of Lieutenant Governor as the "People's Watchdog" in

* Make California attractive to businesses and the jobs they create.

* Support anti-crime legislation to make our streets safe by putting
criminals in jail and keeping them there.

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