Secretary of State
Elections chief and recordkeeper

* elected for 4 years

runs statewide elections; makes sure everything gets on
the ballot properly

* keeps records about campaigns and lobbyists

* issues official documents, like trademarks and papers for
new corporations

* runs the state archives which has important documents
like the state Constitution

ISRAEL FEUER - Peace & Freedom
* Age: 64
* Lives in Los Angeles

"As an independent thinking, open-minded, socially conscious citizen,
I've devoted 50 years to public service, mostly in grass roots community
activities. I have extensive experience as an educator, organizer, and
editor, etc.; also advisor to legislature and liaison with Secretary of
State, on elections."

Top Priorities:

* Transform the Secretary of State's office to serve as an advocate and
ombudsman ("trouble shooter", problem-solver) for voters!

* Reform unfair, unworkable election laws and practices .

* Inform "we, the people" to encourage participation in the governing
"of, by and for" ourselves!

* Age: 25
* Lives in Whittier

"I am an activist citizen, recent college graduate and a writer. I bring
to this office the experience of organizing and managing the Green party
way. I firmly believe in grass roots democracy and the largest possible
voter participation.

Top Priorities:

* Boost voter education, accessibility and awareness.

* Find ways to make elections fairer.

* Get more parts of the population represented.

BILL JONES - Republican
* Age: 44
* Lives in Fresno

"I am a rancher, small businessman, legislator, familyman, not a career
government official. I passed the "3 Strikes" legislation to keep
dangerous criminals in jail. I have written five campaign reform bills
to end corruption and a hard hitting 12 point plan to stop voter fraud.

Top Priorities:

* Carry out my tough 12 point plan to stop illegal voter fraud.

* Stop mailing election materials to voters who have died or moved away
which wastes millions of our taxpayers dollars.

* Reform how political campaigns are funded to end corruption.

TONY MILLER - Democrat
* Age: 46
* Lives in Pleasant Grove

"I am the most qualified candidate for Secretary of State because of my
experience as the acting Secretary of State since last February, Chief
Deputy Secretary of State from 1981 to 1994 and as an original member of
the Fair Political Practices Commission."

Top Priorities:

* Make sure California elections are fair and honest.

* Help create new jobs by promoting California exports and getting rid of
unfair taxes and other burdens on small business.

* Push for political reform laws to help end corruption in the state

DOROTHY K. ROBBINS - American Independent
* Age: 73
* Lives in Redding

"As one who has taught reading and grammar, I can write understandable
instructions and information for voters and candidates. I have taught
reading to adults who had dyslexia and learning disabilities. And they
did learn to read well."

Top Priorities:

* The Secretary of State has certain described duties. I will do that work.

* I will obey the moral and state laws as I run my office.

* The above will be done for the benefit of all California citizens.

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