Our Voice in Washington

* elected for 6 years

* one of two U.S. Senators who represents California's interests in
Washington D.C.

* votes on new US laws and works with Senators from other states
to make new laws

* as a member of Congress, helps shape the federal budget and
national priorities

ELIZABETH BARRON - Peace & Freedom
* Age: 56
* Lives in San Jose

"I am a parent, teacher, and a community activist. I am a working class
person who must work for a living. I pay my fair share of taxes and want
to live in peace and harmony with my neighbors by sharing and cooperating
with them."

Top Priorities:

* Make the rich pay their fair share in taxes and not blame the poor,
minorities or immigrants for the weak economy.

* Provide safe, helpful jobs for everyone at union pay.

* Provide low cost childcare and education even through college.

* Age: 50
* Lives in San Francisco

"An educator and an environmentalist, I am your candidate for hope,
change and growth. The Green Party is founded on values of environmental
and social justice, non-violence, feminism and respect for diversity.
Vote for me to begin the work of healing our society and our earth!"

Top Priorities:

* We need jobs that pay a living wage!

* End expensive negative campaigns with election reform.

* Greens say "no" to racist anti-immigrant and prison building
initiatives (187& 184)

* Greens say "yes" to universal healthcare -- vote FOR the Single Payer
Health Plan!

RICHARD BODDIE - Libertarian
* Age: 56
* Lives in Huntington Beach

"I want to reduce the size, cost and power of government. I have a law
degree. I got enough signatures to be on the ballot. I am not a
professional politician and believe it's time to take power back to the

Top Priorities:

* Demand a recount!

* Reduce crime and criminals (in the streets and in government).

* Preach about the rights of the individual, the most oppressed minority
in America.

- Democrat
* Age: 61
* Lives in San Francisco

"In my short time as California's U.S. Senator, I have worked hard to
increase our state's federal funding by 27%, remove assault weapons from
our streets, and improve our economy. I am running for a full term so I
can continue to help California."

Top Priorities:

* Reduce crime by banning assault weapons and keeping violent criminals
behind bars.

* Fund small business loans to create or maintain 400,000 jobs and invest
in areas of the state hardest hit by the recession.

* Stop illegal immigration.

* Age: 46
* Lives in Santa Barbara

"I'm a businessman, not a career politician. I know how to create jobs
for California and strengthen the economy -- cut spending and keep taxes
low. I do not take political action committee money. I'll represent the
people of California, not the insiders and special interests."

Top Priorities:

* Safety: I'm co-chairman of "Three Strikes and You're Out," and a
lifelong death penalty supporter .

* Jobs: I voted against the Feinstein tax increase, largest in history.
I favor balanced budgets, stronger defense, fewer regulations.

* End our failed welfare system.

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