Superintendent of Public Instruction
The schools' chief

* elected for 4 years

* runs the Department of Education

oversees what state public schools teach and how they test

* as a non-partisan office, represents education needs in government

* Age: 46
* Lives in Sacramento

"I've been California's first cabinet secretary for Child Development &
Education and president of the CA School Boards Association and Orange
County School Board. I designed the Governor's Healthy Start program. I
am mother of two children who have graduated from public schools."

Top Priorities:

* Improve classroom instruction through parental involvement, quality
teachers, technology and up to date textbooks.

* Mandatory reporting to law enforcement for guns and drugs on campus.

* Cut Sacramento's bureaucratic stranglehold on schools; return control
to the local level.

* Age: 47
* Lives in Fremont

"As a former teacher and businesswoman, I know what changes our schools
need. As a legislator and chairwoman of the state assembly education
committee, I know how to accomplish those changes. I have made
California's children my first priority by writing laws that improve our

Top Priorities:

* Include parents in decisions on how to educate their children.

* Build programs that prepare high schools students for work, whether
they plan to go to college or straight to work.

* Increase student access to computers and other classroom technology.

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