The state's banker

* elected for 4 years

* acts as the banker for the state, invests $22 billion in state
money to make more money

* runs the sale of state bonds

* heads up several commissions related to state bonds

* Age: 41
* Lives in Sacramento

"I am an experienced businessman with proven financial skills -- not a
career politician. I built a nationally respected company, created
30,000 jobs and convinced Apple Computer to keep jobs in California.
I am endorsed by law enforcement groups and business leaders of
both parties."

Top Priorities:

* Invest our tax dollars wisely, cut government waste and fight corruption.

* Rebuild our state by investing more in California.

* Protect tax dollars needed to improve education, build a strong economy
and fight crime.

MATT FONG - Republican
* Age: 40
* Lives in Hacienda Heights

"I have the necessary financial, business and legal experience. I am the
vice chairman of the State Board of Equalization, a USAF Academy
graduate, business attorney and MBA. I started my own business and
am a regent of Pepperdine University, on the Investment and Finance Committee."

Top Priorities:

Create and keep jobs in California.

* Stop wasteful government spending with my Taxpayer Protection Plan
(call 1-800-MATT-FONG for a copy.)

* Invest taxpayer money for the greatest possible return and increase
investments into California.

JON PETERSEN - Libertarian
* Age: 56
* Lives in San Jose

"I am an experienced manager and leader. At work, I track how money is
being spent. I have been treasurer of many groups and have brought our
state party out of debt. I know how to get more for your dollars and cut
wasteful spending."

Top Priorities:

* Make sure that all Treasury employees treat the public with courtesy
and respect.

* Run the Treasurer's office as a shining example for other agencies.

* Restore California's credit rating to AAA.

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