The Easy Reader Voter Guide
1994 General Election

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Voter Registration: Common Questions

Voter Registration Deadlines and Contact Information

Tips for New Voters

California Ballot Measures

Prop 181: Passenger Rail and Clean Air Bond Act of 1994
Prop 183: Recall Elections: State Officers
Prop 184: Increased Sentences. Repeat Offenders.
Prop 185: Public Transportation Trust Funds. Gasoline Sales Tax.
Prop 186: Health Services. Taxes.
Prop 187: Illegal Aliens. Ineligibility for Public Services.
Prop 188: Smoking and Tobacco Products. Local Preemption.
Prop 189: Denial of Bail; Felony Sexual Assault
Prop 190: Commission on Judicial Performance
Prop 191: Elimination of Justice Courts

Candidates for Statewide Office

U.S. Senate
Lieutenant Governor
Attorney General
Insurance Commissioner
Secretary of State
Superintendent of Public Instruction

California's Political Parties

Words to Know/Vocabulary


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The material included in this voter guide is archived and will not be updated. Please visit the California Voter Foundation's homepage for the most current information and resources.

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