Prop 183: Recall Elections: State Officers

The way it is now:

Citizens can ask for a recall election of an elected state official by
collecting enough signatures. This special election has to take place
within 60 to 80 days from when the signatures have been verified.

What Prop 183 would do:

Allow a recall election to take place within 180 days after the
signatures have been verified. It would be combined with the next
regularly scheduled election.

What it will cost:

This could save money for state and county governments. The amount saved
depends on how many recall elections and whether they are for a state or
locally elected official.


"L.A. county had to spend $1 million on a recall election last April that
could have been combined with the June election. This was a waste of
public funds. Special elections also have lower turnout so they may not
really show what the public wants."


"The point of a recall election is to make a change right away. Prop 183
would leave a bad politician in office too long. Recall elections do not
happen often, but we should keep the right to do them quickly when we
need to."

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