Prop 184: Increased Sentences. Repeat Offenders.

The way it is now:

This measure is the same as the "3 Strikes and You're Out" law which the
legislature passed and the governor signed in March 1994. The "3
Strikes" law is about what kind of sentences are given to people
convicted of a felony, the most serious type of crime. The major parts
of the "3 Strikes" law are:

* convicted felons with one prior felony get twice the normal sentence
for their 2nd "strike"

* convicted felons with two or more prior felonies would get at least
three times the normal sentence or 25 years (whichever is more) for their
3rd "strike"

* certain crimes committed by 16 and 17 year olds will now count as a
prior conviction in sentencing

* it is more difficult to get probation or to reduce sentences with
credits for 'good behavior'.

What Prop 184 would do:

This measure asks voters to say whether they want to keep the "3 Strikes"
law the way it is.

What it will cost:

* Because it does not change the current law, Prop 184 does not change
the state budget.

* The "3 Strikes" law will put more criminals in prison for longer
sentences. The state will have to build more prisons, which will cost
$20 billion over the next ten years. It will also cost more to operate
the prison system -- up to an extra $3 billion by 2003.

* Longer sentences should lead to less crimes which will save public
funds. We don't know how much will be saved.


"We need to keep repeat felons off the streets. We will save more in the
long run by keeping them from committing more crimes."

"This law makes sure that criminals really serve their sentences, instead
of getting out early to possibly commit more crimes."

"Prop 184 will help us stay tough on crime."


"3 Strikes" is not a good law because it mixes up violent with
non-violent criminals. Any kind of felony can count as a 3rd strike."

"We will spend too much to fill up our prisons with non-violent
criminals. Other public services will suffer."

"Prop 184 and "3 Strikes" are not the right way to target violent criminals."

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