Prop 185: Public Transportation Trust Funds. Gasoline Sales Tax.

The way it is now:

In California, we pay an 18¢ per gallon state tax on gasoline (plus sales
tax of about 8%). The money from this gas tax helps maintain and improve
the state's highway system.

What Prop 185 would do:

Increase the sales tax on gas by 4%, for a total of 12%. This will fund
a list of projects including high speed rail between LA and SF, mass
transit bus services, and earthquake safety improvements.

What it will cost:

This tax is expected to raise about $630 million to be spent on the
transportation projects it lists. The exact amount it raises will depend
on the price of gas and how much is bought.


"Prop 185 creates better public transportation to reduce traffic and
pollution and makes roads safer. It makes sure these transportation
projects will happen because the legislature cannot shift this money to
other projects."


"Prop 185 raises taxes for certain projects that may not be the most
important ones. It is not a fully thought out plan, just a list of some
projects which will not take care of all of our transportation needs."

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