Prop 191: Elimination of Justice Courts

The way it is now:

There are three types of trial courts in California. A 'superior' court
in each county handles felonies, family law and large civil cases.
Smaller cases are handled by either municipal or justice courts.
Municipal courts are in cities with more than 40,000 residents. Justice
courts are in rural areas with less than 40,000 residents.

What Prop 191 would do:

* Make all justice courts into municipal courts.

* Make all justice court judges full-time municipal court judges.

What it will cost:

Prop 191 will not affect the cost of government very much.


"Justice court judges already have to have the same legal experience as
municipal judges. They should be given the same title and respect."

"Everyone should have access to the same standard of justice."


"Prop 191 guarantees all justice court judges will get full time jobs as
municipal judges. They should have to reapply for these new jobs."

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