American Independent Party

The American Independent Party stands for local government with more
control by voters. We want less taxes, less spending and less government
regulations. We believe in traditional moral values. We want a strong
defense and a trade policy that puts Americans first.

Top Priorities:

* Safe streets and neighborhoods.

* Strong action to stop illegal immigration.

* Cut taxes, regulations and government waste to improve the state's
economic climate.

For more information, call 909-788-9045.

Democratic Party

The Democratic Party wants to "Put People First" on issues that matter to
most Americans -- economic growth, crime prevention, affordable health
care and quality schools. We want to reform welfare and protect the
environment. We believe in making people's lives better.

Top Priorities:

Bring businesses back to California and expand job opportunities.

* Make education a #1 priority again.

* Make our neighborhoods free from violence, crime and drugs.

For more information, call 213-848-3700.

Green Party

The Green Party was founded on 10 key values: protecting the
environment, democracy, fairness, non-violence, making government more
local, equality, respect for diversity, responsibility, community-based
economics and future focus.

Top Priorities:

Teach people that all life on our planet is interconnected.

* Show that cooperation is more important to our well-being than

For more information, call 916-448-3437.

Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party stands for personal freedom, property rights, and
strict limits on government power. Libertarians view government as the
cause of a great many social problems. It creates conflict and prevents
us from working together as a society.

Top Priorities:

Cut taxes and government spending.

* End civil asset forfeiture where people's property is taken away before
they have any trial.

* Provide for more choice in education.

For more information, call 415-864-0952.

Peace and Freedom Party

The Peace and Freedom Party wants to move our society from greed and
profit to more democracy, cooperation and sharing. We want to organize
and educate ourselves so we can work together to meet human needs.

Top Priorities:

* Better schools, housing and childcare for everyone.

* Jobs for all, with a shorter work week and an $8 per hour minimum wage.

* A single system of free, quality healthcare for everyone.

For more information, call 510-465-9414.

Republican Party

The Republican Party believes in less government in our lives. Good
government is based on the individual. Each person's ability, dignity,
freedom and responsibility must be honored and recognized. Americans
should preserve their feelings of national strength and pride.

Top Priorities:

Stop illegal immigration

* Control crime with tougher penalties

* Improve the economy with pro-growth policies for business and reduce
excessive regulation

For more information, call 818-841-5210.

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