Tips for new voters

1.) To vote in the November 8th election, you have to sign up to vote by
October 11th.

2.) When you sign up to vote, you will be asked if you want to select a
political party. It does not cost anything. Look at the "Political
Parties" section of this guide to learn more about the political parties.

Before the election, you will get a booklet called "Sample Ballot"
from your county Elections Office. It will list all the candidates and
measures that will be on your ballot.

You don't have to vote on everything on the ballot. You can choose
the things that interest you and learn more about them.

5.) You can choose to vote by mail. Apply for an 'absentee ballot' using
the form that comes with your Sample Ballot (you must ask for an absentee
ballot in writing). Someone you trust can help you fill out the absentee
ballot. Be sure to return it by election day.

6.) To vote at the polls on election day, find the address of your
polling place on the mailing label of the Sample Ballot sent by the
county Elections Office. Or you can call them before the election to ask
where to go.

7.) When you vote, don't feel rushed or afraid to ask for help. You can
take a friend in the booth with you. Also, the poll workers are there to
help you!

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The material included in this voter guide is archived and will not be updated. Please visit the California Voter Foundation's homepage for the most current information and resources.

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