Credits and Special Thanks

Digital Sunlight Awards, Progress Report & Web Site Credits

Research team: Saskia Mills, Stephen Levine and Kim Alexander

Report authors: Kim Alexander and Stephen Levine

Project assistants: Debbie Rotenberg and Mary Lahr

Graphics: Steve Ball

Web site design: Kim Alexander

Technical support: Digital Gear Internet Industries

Special Thanks to.....

... The Joyce Foundation, for providing the financial support needed to fund the Digital Sunlight Awards

... Our Panel of Expert Judges, who took time out from their busy schedules to provide their invaluable input and suggestions

... The University of California, Davis' Department of Political Science and the many students who provided research assistance.

... All the agency staff, legislators and advocates who provided valuable input for this study.

... Marian Currinder and the Center for Responsive Politics, whose Digital Democracy reports were a vital resource for this project.

Digital Sunlight is a project of the California Voter Foundation
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