FROM: Kim Alexander
SUBJECT: Updates: CVF's election site, job opening & CFP98
DATE: Monday, February 16, 1998

Hi Folks:

This edition of CVF-NEWS will provide an update on what you can now find at CVF’s 1998 election site; an update on our search for a new managing director; and a word or two about my plans to attend this week’s Computers, Freedom & Privacy conference.

What’s new at CVF’s 1998 California Election Preview Web site

Many California candidates have added their campaign contact information and web site links to CVF’s site over the past few months. I hope you will take a moment to visit and click on the “Campaign Links” header, which allows you to view the entire list of entries. It’s exciting and encouraging to see how many California candidates are already making use of the web this year to promote their campaigns. The Campaign Links page is a free publicity service CVF offers to California candidates, who can submit their information simply by following the instructions and completing the form at the Election Preview site.

The Primary election propositions were recently assigned ballot numbers by the Secretary of State, and are included in the Ballot Measures page of the web site. June measures begin with Proposition 219, and end with Proposition 227. A quick review:

Proposition 219 - State Ballot Measures

This measure would require the uniform application of all statewide ballot measures. It would also prohibit the provisions of an approved ballot measure from being selectively applied in different areas of California based on the percentage of voters in an area who approve or reject the measure.

Proposition 220 - Court Consolidation

This measure would provide for a merger of county municipal courts and county superior courts subsequent to a majority vote by judges in each of California's 58 counties.

Proposition 221 - Judicial Officers

This measure would grant additional oversight of California's 320 judicial commissioners and referees employed by the state's trial courts. Additionally, this measure would make the California Commission on Judicial Performance responsible for their oversight and discipline.

Proposition 222 - Murder of a Peace Officer

This measure would make the penalty of second degree murder of a peace officer life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Proposition 223 - School Funding

This measure would prohibit school districts within California from spending more than five percent of all funds on specified administrative, instructional, and supervisory projects.

Proposition 224 - Competitive Bidding Practices

This measure would require competitive bidding for state-funded engineering or design contracts over $50,000 unless a delay in bidding would endanger public health or safety.

Proposition 225 - Congressional Term Limits

This measure would state the official declaration of the people of California urging United States congressional representatives to pass an amendment to the nation's Constitution that would limit congressional terms to two, for United States Senators and three, for United States House of Representatives members.

Proposition 226 - Labor Contributions

This measure would amend the Political Reform Act of 1974 to require public and private employers, as well as labor organizations to obtain permission from employees and members prior to withholding pay or using union dues or fees for political contributions.

Proposition 227 - Bilingual Education

This measure would waive specific English requirements for students fluent in English and provide for initial short-term placement of students lacking English fluency into structured English immersion programs, not to exceed one year.

Update on CVF’s Search for a Managing Director

We’ve received many resumes in response to our announced search for a new Managing Director. Thanks to all of you who have helped redistribute the job announcement. We are receiving some extra publicity for the announcement, thanks to the kind folks at Wired who are going to write up a story about the position for Hotwired’s “Dream Jobs” feature at its web site - look for it at after February 23rd..

We are extending the deadline to apply until FRIDAY, MARCH 6th, 1998. Please encourage any and all prospective applicants to apply asap. Details about how to apply, as well as the announcement, can be found at

Deep in the heart of Texas.....CFP ‘98

I know some CVF-NEWS subscribers are familiar with the annual Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference. I’ll be heading out to Austin, Texas this week to partake in the festivities and brainstorming that I’ve heard so much about all these years. For more information about this conference, visit

I look forward to seeing many of you in Austin and hope that everyone is managing to survive El Nino! (I think I finally know what it must be like to live in Seattle....)

-- Kim Alexander, President
California Voter Foundation


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