From: Kim Alexander
Subject:New digs for the California Voter Foundation
Date: Tuesday, April 28, 1998

Hi Folks:

Time to update your rolodexes and Palm Pilots........

The California Voter Foundation has moved to new offices! We are now
located at:

2401 L Street, Second Floor
Sacramento, CA 95816

Our phone number is the same - (916) 325-2120.
Our fax number has been changed to (916) 325-0444.

Our new offices are on the top floor of a Victorian house in midtown Sacramento, just ten blocks from downtown Sacramento and the State Capitol. Our new space is much bigger (1,400 square feet) and will provide ample room for CVF to grow over the next two years. Of course, we still need to raise money to support our expansion, and your tax-deductible contributions are always appreciated! We are planning to implement a new membership program this Fall which we hope will provide an ongoing source of funds to support CVF's work for many years to come.

In the meantime, Saskia Mills, CVF's new Managing Director, and I are keeping busy setting up our new office and putting together the soon-to-debut new California Online Voter Guide for the California Primary election on June 2nd. Stay tuned!


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