FROM: Kim Alexander
DATE: March 16, 1999
RE: CVF News Round-up

Hi Folks,

This edition of CVF-NEWS features a round-up of recent stories and news items, including links you can follow to get the whole scoop. Enjoy!

* * * Internet Voting Task Force Meets March 17th * * *

The big news this week is that Secretary of State Bill Jones has convened a new Internet Voting Task Force, which will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, March 17th in Sacramento. As a member of the task force, I'm looking forward to beginning the process of developing online voting for California, and will be sure to keep CVF-NEWS subscribers informed about the outcome of the March 17th meeting and future plans for the task force. In the meantime, check out John Jacobs' column from the Sacramento Bee, which profiles Bill Jones and highlights his plans to pursue Internet voting:

* * * National Public Radio: Campaigning on the Net * * *

On March 16th, Steve Forbes announced his candidacy for President on his web site (, and in light of this announcement, Morning Edition featured a report by Elizabeth Arnold on how politicians are using the Internet as part of their campaigns. The report includes comments by yours truly and also focuses on how Jesse Ventura relied on the Internet for his successful gubernatorial campaign in Minnesota. Tune in with RealAudio at:

* * * California Journal Profiles CVF * * *

Everything you ever wanted to know about the California Voter Foundation and the history of this organization can be found in the March 1999 edition of the California Journal in an article by Max Vanzi, veteran Capitol reporter and formerly with the Los Angeles Times. I hope to send the full story to CVF-NEWS subscribers shortly; in the meantime, the magazine is on sale on newsstands now.

* * * Campaign Contributions and Gubernatorial Appointments * * *

Scott Lindlaw of the Associated Press recently published an excellent story on the relationship between campaign contributions and appointments made by California Governor Gray Davis. You can read this story from the "CVF in the News" page:

* * * Local Election Canceled - California Report Commentary * * *

A few weeks ago KQED-FM's "California Report" featured a commentary from me about the cancellation of local elections in Los Angeles. That commentary is now available on CVF's web site, and can be found at:

* * * Sacramento News & Review's Last Word * * *

Sacramentans will find a little feature about me in the current edition of the Sacramento News & Review, in the "Last Word" section of the
paper's back page, which highlights people in the community -- available on newsstands until March 18th.

* * * Citizen Group Compiles Campaign & Election Reform Bills * * *

Your Voices Count, a political reform group of citizens based in the San Jose area, which I helped get started back in 1995, has published a
wonderful compilation of California legislation that relates to campaign and election reform issues. The group has identified about 80 bills that have been introduced in the Legislature this year. Check it out at:

* * * Webby Awards Ceremony in SF March 18th * * *

And now for the moment we've been waiting for...the envelope please! This Thursday night, we'll find out who's won the 1999 Webby Awards. I'll be attending the awards ceremony in San Francisco, as well as the post-party at SF's newly renovated City Hall. Stay tuned!