FROM:   Kim Alexander, CVF President
DATE:   March 26, 2002
RE:   Webbys, "What we're reading" and more

Hi Folks,

* Webby judging: Government & Law category
* Congratulations to Saskia Mills!
* Please welcome Shae Garwood
* CVF's "What we're reading" web page

Webby judging: Government & Law category

I'm serving once again as a judge for the Webby Awards and am inviting CVF-NEWS subscribers to send me your thoughts about government or legal web sites in the US and beyond that you think are worthy of a Webby. Key criteria are content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality, interactivity, and overall experience. Do you have a favorite dot gov site that you think deserves recognition? If so, please drop me a line at For more information about the Webbys visit

Congratulations to Saskia Mills!

I'm very pleased to announce the March 13th arrival of Charles English, son to CVF Executive Director Saskia Mills and her husband Kevin English. Well wishes to Saskia and her family may be sent to

Please welcome Shae Garwood

I'm also happy to introduce Shae Garwood, CVF's new program associate. Shae has previously worked with several community organizations throughout the U.S. and abroad on a wide range of issues including economic development, civil rights, and community outreach and education. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia and the London School of Economics with degrees in business administration, gender studies, and international development. Shae can be reached at and also via phone in our Davis office, 530-750-7650.

CVF's "What we're reading" web page

A few months back we added a new feature to the "Welcome" page of our web site, It's called "What we're reading this week". As you might guess, it links to stories of interest to the CVF staff. We change it frequently and have also archived the links at Below is a list of the articles featured since 2002. You'll find links to these stories on the "Reading" page (though we can't guarantee how long they will work).

Happy surfing, and happy springtime!

-- Kim Alexander, California Voter Foundation, (916) 452-7706,

Articles featured on CVF's "What We're Reading" page:

Unsuccessful Boca candidate sues, alleges problems with new vote machines, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, March 26, 2002

State campaign reforms urged, San Diego Union-Tribune, March 22, 2002

Low primary turnout a sign of the times, say voting experts, San Francisco Chronicle, March 17, 2002

Fear and loathing at the ballot box, Sacramento News and Review, March 14, 2002

Intricate ballot process challenged, San Francisco Chronicle, March 12, 2002

Net's latest can of worms -- e-politics, Sacramento Bee, March 9, 2002

Merced County counted 3,000 ballots twice, San Francisco Chronicle, March 8, 2002

State's turnout marks a new low, Sacramento Bee, March 7, 2002

Vast array of ballots complicates election, San Francisco Chronicle, March 4, 2002

Council for Excellence in Government Poll finds opposition to Internet voting strong and growing, February 26, 2002

SF Voting System in Shambles, San Francisco Chronicle, February 19, 2002

Stealth primary closing in on some unsuspecting voters, San Diego Union Tribune, February 15, 2002

Hanging chads on the way out, San Francisco Chronicle, February 14, 2002

Party affiliation rates wane for state voters, Contra Costa Times, February 12, 2002

California's mutant primary election systems, Sacramento Bee, February 6, 2002

Measures on March 5 ballot a mystery to most voters, poll says, San Francisco Chronicle, February 5, 2002

California's open primaries closing March 5, Long Beach Press, February 2, 2002

Congress Online Project's report, Assesing and Improving Capitol Hill Web Sites, released Jan. 28, 2002

Secretary of State May Take Municipal Elections Out of South Gate's Hands, Los Angeles Times, January 18, 2002

Electorate still heavily white, San Francisco Chronicle, January 10, 2002

Artists see message in lost ballot box lid, San Jose Mercury News, January 8, 2002

Scavenged ballot box lids haunt S.F. elections, San Francisco Chronicle, January 7, 2002

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