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March 27, 2006

Hi Folks,

The California Voter Foundation has added some exciting new resources in recent weeks to our web site at

* 2006 Primary Election Preview

CVF's comprehensive, nonpartisan 2006 California Online Voter Guide will debut in early April 2006; in the meantime we invite you to take a look at our Election Preview pages, featuring preliminary information about each of the two statewide propositions, links to statewide candidate web sites, and an FAQ section covering election basics. CVF's new online voter guide will feature information about all June 2006 primary election propositions and candidates for congressional, state legislative, and statewide constitutional office.

* California's Manual Count Law

This new web page focuses on California's manual count law, which is designed to ensure that the public can verify the accuracy of computerized vote counts. CVF is frequently asked to explain the manual count law, so we created this page to help people better understand it. The page features background information, the text of the law, seven steps to a meaningful manual count, and links to places where more information about manual counts and public verification of software vote counts can be found.

* Directory of California Ballot Measures since 1994

Californians have voted on more than 125 statewide ballot measures since 1994, when CVF began providing online information about California elections. CVF's new online directory includes the number and title of each measure, the year it was considered by voters, and whether it passed or failed. The directory also links to CVF's archived California Online Voter Guide page for each measure, and to campaign finance summary information where available.

* How to Follow the Money

This new page is designed to help the public dig deeper into the world of California campaign finance data by summarizing available state and federal resources and providing tips for locating various types of campaign finance records. The page connects site users to California campaign finance filings, filings by candidates for federal office, information about campaign contribution and expenditure limits, and CVF-compiled lists of top contributors to California candidates and proposition campaigns since 1998.

* Kim Alexander's Blog

A complete archive of CVF President Kim Alexander's blog is now available through an "Archives" link on the blog's main page and makes it much easier to locate a particular blog entry from among the more than 400 that Kim has posted since she began the blog in 2003. Use your computer's "find command" to search the Archives page or simply browse through the chronological headlines.

Take a peek and let us know what you think!

Saskia Mills, Executive Director
California Voter Foundation

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