FROM:   Saskia Mills, CVF Managing Director
DATE:   March 29, 2001
RE:   Voting technology article and events

Hi Folks,

An interesting article was published recently by the BBC News Online about two voting technology studies that have been discussed previously in CVF-NEWS, namely the preliminary report of Caltech/MIT's Voting Technology Project, and the National Science Foundation's Internet voting report.

The article, online at, offers an international perspective on the 2000 US presidential election and on voting technology issues in general. One British e-democracy official pointed out that while remote Internet voting may not be in place for quite some time, the Internet is still an important tool for improving elections and can "play a role in stimulating debate, and helping citizens and politicians engage."

The two studies featured in the BBC story are linked from CVF's Voting Technology web page, and can be found online at the following urls (PDF):

Caltech/MIT report:
National Science Foundation report:

Speaking of voting technology, CVF's president Kim Alexander has been keeping busy lately attending conferences and giving presentations about election technology and reform. Last week she served as faculty for the National Conference of State Legislature's spring meeting about voting technology and election reform. This weekend, both Kim and CVF board member David Jefferson will attend and participate in the California Institute of Technology's Voting Technology Conference 2001.

More information about these events and others that involve CVF staff and board members is available on our web site at

-- Saskia Mills, Managing Director
California Voter Foundation, (916) 325-2120

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