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June 2, 2006

Hi folks,

Just a last-minute reminder that the California Voter Foundation’s web site at features all kinds of election resources to help voters prepare for Tuesday’s election. Some highlights are below.

Have a great weekend!

--Saskia Mills, Executive Director
California Voter Foundation

* California Online Voter Guide

CVF’s nonpartisan California Online Voter Guide features information about the 600-plus candidates running for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, statewide offices such as Governor and Lt. Governor, Board of Equalization, and State Senate and Assembly. The guide also covers Propositions 81 and 82, and includes candidate job descriptions and links to official campaign web sites.

* County-by-County Directory and Map of Voting Systems

Tuesday marks the first election in which California’s voter-verified paper trail law takes effect, making the state the first in the nation to reform its electronic voting systems after widespread deployment of paperless e-voting machines. Voters in 21 California counties will use electronic voting machines equipped with a paper trail this election. Voters in 37 counties will cast their ballots on paper. Details about the voting systems in all 58 counties can be found in CVF’s County-by-County Directory and Map of Voting Systems.

* Voting FAQ

CVF’s web site also features a comprehensive FAQ about voting and elections, including questions and answers about voter registration, absentee voting, polling place locations and hours, voting equipment, political districts, and political party affiliation in the primary election.

* Other nonpartisan voter information resources

Many other organizations and government agencies provide comprehensive, nonpartisan information about candidates and propositions online. For additional election information, CVF recommends:
The Easy Voter Guide gives a simple overview of the candidates and ballot measures, and is available in six languages and in large print.
SmartVoter offers information on the numerous local races and measures that will be voted on June 6th, as well as in-depth analyses and pros/cons of the two statewide propositions.
Find out how much money the candidates and proposition campaigns are raising, and where that money is coming from, at the Secretary of State's campaign disclosure site.
The Secretary of State’s web site includes the Official Voter Information Guide, information about multilingual voter services, instructions for military and overseas voting, and lots of general information about elections.

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