FROM:   Kim Alexander
DATE:   June 5, 2003
RE:   Paper trail stories in three California weeklies

Hi Folks,

Three California weekly newspapers published stories this week about touchscreen voting and the issue of whether we need a voter-verified paper trail.

The Sacramento News and Review's story by Cosmo Garvin provides an outstanding overview of the current debate over computerized voting both in Sacramento County and nationwide. "The Paper Chase -- county leaders postpose a bid for digital democracy amid fears of vote tampering", is online at

The Almanac, serving Menlo Park and other Silicon Valley communities, features the touchscreen voting issue on this week's cover. "Touchy Subject: Ditching the voting system" focuses on San Mateo County's efforts to develop a voter verified touchscreen system, and is online at

The Alamanc's package also includes sidebars about how touchscreen voting with a paper trail would work, at, and a summary of newly introduced federal legislation to require a voter verified paper trail, at

The Metro, serving San Jose and the Silicon Valley, published an article this week by Loren Stein that focuses on Santa Clara County's plans to deploy touchscreens countywide this November. The article, "Is It Safe Yet?" is online at

These are all very thoughtful, in-depth stories that provide a great overview of how several California counties are grappling with voting technology issues right now. I hope you have a chance to read them, either online or on newsstands throughout next week.

-- Kim Alexander, California Voter Foundation,
(916) 441-2494

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