FROM:   Kim Alexander
DATE:   July 15, 2003
RE:   RE: Computerized voting on KQED's Forum today; Action alerts

Hi Folks,

Today from 10-10:30 a.m. I will be on KQED FM's "Forum" program hosted by Michael Krasny. The topic is computerized voting and I will be joined in the discussion by Dan Tokaji formerly with the ACLU of Southern California, who has been an outspoken opponent of requiring a voter verified paper trail to accompany digital ballots.

KQED is broadcast live over the Internet so anyone can tune in (although the site was having some problems with streaming audio this morning). In the San Francisco Bay Area you can hear KQED on 88.5 FM, in Sacramento it's carried on 89.3 FM. More information about the Forum program is at The show will also be archived online so if you miss it live you can always hear it later.

In related news, two groups have recently taken action in support of the voter verified paper trail and are featuring alerts on their home pages:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) on July 2 issued an "E-voting Action Alert" expressing the organization's support for verifiable voting systems that will prevent election fraud. EFF is encouraging its members to contact California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley. The alert is at

Working Assets issued an Action Alert for its California members last week also urging them to contact Shelley and express support for a voter verified paper trail. This action alert is online at

-- Kim Alexander, California Voter Foundation

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