FROM:   Kim Alexander
DATE:   July 31, 2003
RE:   MoveOn issues "Voting and Democracy" bulletin

Hi Folks,, the grassroots, Internet-based, political action group,
has issued a nationwide email bulletin to half a million people this
week calling attention to voting security issues.

The bulletin includes a new essay that I contributed, "The Voting
Rights Struggle of Our Time", available online at
My concluding thoughts in this piece:

"The fight for the right to inspect a paper backup of one's digital
ballot may end up being the voting rights struggle of our time. For
it is the consent of the governed that is the true mark of a
legitimate government. And that consent can only be won when
elections are conducted not in secret, but in plain sight. "

There are many fascinating and informative pieces in this Bulletin.
Thom Hartmann's piece provides a rundown of numerous instances where
computers failed in an election. Miles Rappaport writes eloquently
about the opportunity to make gains in many areas of election reform
during this time of change.

The MoveOn bulletin sent to California members urges them to contact
California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley and weigh in on the Ad
Hoc Touch Screen Task Force report before August 2, online at Comments may be
submitted via fax, email or U.S. Mail to:

Secretary of State Kevin Shelley
Attn: Touch Screen Report
1500 11th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
fax (916) 653-9675.

-- Kim Alexander, President, California Voter Foundation

The bulletin can be accessed here:

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