FROM:   Kim Alexander, CVF President
DATE:   August 3, 1999
RE:   CVF-NEWS on hiatus

Well, I had a feeling this might happen -- it appears that my email account, is in the process of crashing. This is the account I've had for the last five years, and the California Voter Foundation's newsletter, CVF-NEWS, is managed through this account via an email distribution list.

My email service is managed by Mindspring, which bought Netcom recently and, unfortunately my email problems have escalated ever since. In addition, the size and needs of our newsletter (now nearing 2,000 subscribers) have apparently exceeded the capacity of my email program. We are in the process of switching CVF-NEWS to a listserv, and hope to succeed in retaining our current subscribers' email addresses.

In the meantime, CVF-NEWS will be on hiatus, as we work out the technical issues and attempt to recreate our newsletter in a listserv format. Our CVF-NEWS archive remains available on our web site, at:

If we don't succeed in recreating our subscriber list, we will post instructions on our CVF-NEWS web page on how to subscribe to our reformatted newsletter.

I am now taking email at my new address, While my account at is still functional for the time being, I suggest you send future correspondence to me at my new address.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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