FROM:   Saskia Mills, CVF Executive Director
DATE:   September 5, 2001
RE:   Calif. redistricting plans are online

Hi Folks,

The legislature is back in session and dealing with hundreds of bills and policy issues, including redistricting. Today the legislature wrapped up two days of redistricting hearings.

CVF wants to remind people that a lot of helpful redistricting information is available online. Maps of the current legislative and congressional districts, created in partnership with U.C. Berkeley's Statewide Database, are available on the CVF web site and have been very popular lately with visitors to The maps can be found at

The Senate and Assembly redistricting committee web pages now feature the new proposed district maps, along with other redistricting information such as statewide and regional maps, mapping database software, and links to redistricting plans submitted by organizations. Proposed maps are available through the committees' web sites:

Assembly redistricting info & maps:
Senate redistricting info & maps:

Go to the redistricting section of CVF's Links page ( for more information.

-- Saskia Mills, Executive Director
California Voter Foundation, (530) 750-7650

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