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Initiative process - Oct. 10 event, Zocalo archive

October 6, 2011

Hi Folks,

We are rapidly approaching the 100th anniversary of California's initiative process and to mark that occasion many news stories, conferences and events are scheduled. Below is a preview of a free, day-long conference happening in Sacramento on Monday, October 10, as well as highlights from the Sept. 21 Zocalo Public Square event in San Francisco. Yesterday, KVPR Public Radio of the Central Valley aired a special program on California initiative reform.

Speaking of which, we still don't know whether Governor Jerry Brown will sign or veto SB 334/DeSaulnier, which would require the ballot pamphlet to list proposition donations of $50,000 or more, a reform that would be very beneficial to voters. The bill deadline is Oct. 9 so the waiting will be over soon!

-- Kim Alexander, President & Founder
California Voter Foundation

100th Anniversary Celebration of California's Initiative and Referendum

Free conference Oct. 10 in downtown Sacramento

This Monday, Oct. 10, Citizens in Charge Foundation, along with California Forward and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association are sponsoring a day-long conference at the Sheraton Hotel that will bring together numerous authors, scholars, political leaders, consultants and reformers to discuss the past, present and future of California's initiative process.

I will be on a panel from 1:45-3:30 titled "Reforming the Superhighway of Reform". The full program is available online. The event is free but registration is required - RSVPs must be sent via email to

Zocalo event, "Our Insanely Direct Democracy"

Review, photos, and video archive online

On September 21 I had the pleasure of participating in a Zocalo Public Square event at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. For a full review of the event please see my blog entry. Also available is Zocalo's review called "The Takeaway", photos, and a video archive of the entire event. It was a wonderful evening filled with lively discussion and an engaging audience!

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