FROM:   Kim Alexander, CVF President
DATE:   October 7, 2002
RE:   Candidates for Governor debate today at noon

Hi Folks,

Today the first and possibly only debate between the two major party candidates for California Governor will take place in Los Angeles at noon. The debate, sponsored by the Los Angeles Times, is one of few opportunities voters will have to see Republican Bill Simon and Democrat Gray Davis share a stage and debate the issues of this campaign season.

The four minor-party candidates for governor were not invited to participate; however, Bill Simon has invited Green Party candidate Peter Camejo to attend as his guest. That move has upset the Davis campaign, which threatened yesterday to pull out of the debate if Camejo is allowed to sit in the audience. The L.A. Times reported today that the debate will go on as scheduled (see for more details).

Some TV and public radio stations will be carrying the debate live, while others may air it later today -- check your local listings for more details.

More information about all the statewide candidates and propositions is available from our California Online Voter Guide, To view 15-minute interviews of all the candidates for Governor, visit the California Channel's Free Airtime Project, at

-- Kim Alexander, California Voter Foundation, (916) 452-7706,

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