FROM:   Kim Alexander
DATE:   October 7, 2003
RE:   Election results online; updated registration numbers

Hi Folks,

Election results will be available online after 8 p.m. The California Voter Foundation has compiled a page of links to state and county election returns online --
State returns will be online from the California Secretary of State's web site, In addition, many counties will post their returns online and CVF's Results page links to those results where available.

Last Friday the California Secretary of State's office released updated registration figures as of September 22, the last day voters could register for today's election. According to the latest report, which is online at, there are 21.8 million eligible California voters, 15.4 million of whom are registered, or 70 percent. Nearly 400,000 voters registered or re-registered to vote between August 8 and September 22. Although the registration numbers are high, they were higher in November 1996 and November 2000, when 15.7 million Californians were registered to vote.

Yesterday the Secretary of State's office reported that a total of 3.2 million absentee ballots were requested by voters, and 2.2 million had been returned prior to Election Day. This means that as many as 1.2 million absentee ballots may be returned to polling places today. Voting by absentee ballot has grown increasingly popular in California. Absentee ballots comprised 23 percent of all ballots cast in March 2000; that percentage increased to 27 percent by November 2002.

Absentee ballots returned prior to Election Day will be counted first and those results will be the first ones posted online. Polling place votes will be reported throughout the night. Late absentee ballots and provisional ballots must be verified before counted and will likely be the last set of ballots to be counted.

For more historical data on California voter registration and participation, see the Secretary of State's Voter Election Results reports, as well as the Reports of Registration,

-- Kim Alexander, President, California Voter Foundation

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