FROM: Kim Alexander
DATE: October 28, 1998
RE: Top Ten Contributors to CA Props thru 10/17/98

Hi Folks:

Here is a list of the Top Ten Contributors in support of or in opposition to the 12 California propositions on the November ballot, as October 17, 1998. This list identifies the contributors who have given the most since the campaign was first organized -- in some cases, this may include records from 1997. The list includes cash contributions, as well as non-monetary contributions and loans, and is available online in the "Follow the Money" section of CVF's online voter guide.

This Top Ten Contributors list is made possible because of a new law that requires campaigns to disclose their contributions in a digital format. Thanks to this new law and the Internet, the California Voter Foundation
can instantly publish and share the latest contribution data. For the first time in history, voters can easily find out who's backing propositions before casting their ballots.

This election is also making history in terms of the amount of money being raised and spent on propositions. As of October 17, a total of $170 million had been raised to support or oppose California propositions. The "big money" initiatives on the November 3 ballot are Prop 5 (Indian gaming), Prop 9 (electric utilities) and Prop 10 (early
childhood development/tobacco taxes). The fundraising and spending for these initiatives is high because several industries have a huge financial stake in the outcome of these measures. Much of the money behind the propositions is paying for television advertising. According to California Common Cause, television broadcasters have already made
over $64 million in advertising revenue from this fall's ballot measure campaigns.

Though the money behind the initiatives is breaking all records, at least this year voters can use the Internet to find out who's paying for allthose ads we're seeing on TV these days. CVF will continue to update our Top Ten Contributors to Propositions list throughout the final days of the election season, and will be assisted in this task by dozens of UC
Davis students, as part of our continuing partnership with the university.

The data below is available for republication. Please contact me if you are interested.

-- Kim Alexander, President
California Voter Foundation