FROM: Kim Alexander
DATE: October 31, 1998
RE: Top Ten Contributors to Statewide Candidates as of 10/17/98

Hi Folks,

Here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for.....

The Top Ten Contributors to Statewide Candidates!

The California Voter Foundation has compiled a list of the Top Ten Contributors to major-party statewide candidates, as of October 17th, 1998. In addition, we have updated our Top Ten Contributors to California Propositions list through October 29, 1998. (As of 10/29, a total of $188 million had been raised by all proposition campaigns.)

CVF’s Top Ten Contributors lists are published on the Internet in “Follow the Money”, part of CVF’s California Online Voter Guide. To search or browse all contributions made to statewide campaigns since July 1st, visit the CVF/Compaq Campaign Contribution Database, which is being updated daily with new late contribution data from the Secretary of State’s site. You can visit all these resources directly at:

The figures below represent the biggest contributors to each major-party statewide candidate for the offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, Controller, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner and Superintendent of Public Instruction for the entire calendar year 1998. These figures include cash contributions, as well as non-monetary contributions and loans. Also included are summary figures showing how much money each campaign had raised, spent and had on-hand as of October 17th. These figures were compiled by Saskia Mills, Casey Elliott, myself, and the students of UC Davis' California Politics course, Summer and Fall sessions, 1998.

This election marks the first time in history when California voters have been able to follow the money and find out who’s funding campaigns prior to casting their votes. Thanks to the Internet, California’s new Online Disclosure Act, the Secretary of State’s Voluntary Electronic Filing Project (in which eight of the 16 major-party statewide candidates are participating!), and Compaq Computer Corp., the California Voter Foundation can provide voters with the information needed to make truly informed choices.

We will continue to update these numbers until Election Day. Be sure to check “Follow the Money” for the latest info. This data is also available for republication -- contact me for details.

-- Kim Alexander, President
California Voter Foundation