FROM:   Kim Alexander, CVF President
DATE:   November 6, 2000
RE:   Voters beware of last-minute email attacks!

There is a lot of disinformation swirling around right now about the election, and the California Voter Foundation is urging voters to exercise caution when confronted with any last-minute political messages in your email box.

There is good reason for concern -- already we are hearing reports of fraudulent email messages circulating around the Internet. One that was received here by the CVF staff claims that, due to anticipated high voter turnout, voting will be spread over three days, and instructs Democrats to vote on November 7th, Republicans to vote on November 8th and other parties to vote on November 9th. It's similar to another message reported in the Orange County Register last week, except that one says that Democrats and Independents are to vote on November 8th, and is signed by the fictitious "2000 Presidential Election Commission".

For the record, ALL voters are to come to the polls on Tuesday, November 7th, and the California Secretary of State is investigating these and other fraudulent email messages in circulation.

If you receive any unsolicited political email from unknown sources the best thing to do is discard it and the worst thing you could possibly do is forward it to other people, thereby contributing to the disinformation.

Meanwhile, lots of voters are using email this election season to share their opinions with friends and family. The California Voter Foundation encourages voters to exercise their freedom of speech, and advises voters that the best way to ensure that your message is taken seriously is to clearly identify yourself, and to refrain from sending unsolicited email (commonly known on the Internet as "spam").

Please feel free to circulate *this* message to anyone who is sending you fraudulent political email, and let's all do whatever we can to help everyone make truly informed choices on November 7th.

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