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Help Verify the Vote: Observe CA's Manual Count

November 7, 2006

Hi Folks,

Well, election day will soon draw to a close and the ballot counting will begin. Like many of you, I will be up this evening watching the returns (you'll find a link for state results online from I also will, over the upcoming weeks, be visiting several county election offices to observe their one percent manual counts.

Under state law, counties must recount, in public and by hand, the ballots from one percent of their precincts and compare the hand-counted results to the software-counted results. This is what some consider to be the most important procedure in the election. It provides the public with a window into the vote counting process.

You can help verify the vote in California by observing the manual count. Below is a checklist and questionnaire to assist manual count observers. It's also online at If you'd like additional information, please email me at

More information about California's manual count law is online at

-- Kim Alexander

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