FROM:   Kim Alexander
DATE:   December 6, 2002
RE:   Announcing Rachel Zenner, CVF's new staff member

Hi Folks,

I'm very pleased to announce that the California Voter Foundation recently hired Rachel Zenner as our new program director. Rachel joined the CVF staff a few weeks ago and is managing CVF's "Grading State Disclosure" project, a component of the Campaign Disclosure Project that CVF recently launched in partnership with the Center for Governmental Studies and UCLA School of Law, online at

Rachel recently moved to California from New York, where she spent the past several years serving as the National Director of American Affairs/Domestic Policy at Hadassah ( She has also worked on a U.S. Senate campaign in New York and in two Congressional offices. Rachel received a Master's degree in Public Policy and Administration from Columbia University and a B.A in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The California Voter Foundation had 90 people apply for the program director position, and Rachel was our number one candidate. We are thrilled to have her on staff and I hope you will join me in making her feel welcome. Rachel's email address is, and she can be reached at our Davis office, 530-750-7650.

Have a great weekend,

-- Kim Alexander, California Voter Foundation,

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