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For Immediate Release, Friday, October 7, 2005
Contact: Kim Alexander, 916-441-2494 or
Saskia Mills, 530 750-7650


Davis, CA – Information to help California voters make informed, confident choices on November 8 is just a mouseclick away. Today the California Voter Foundation announced the debut of its California Online Voter Guide, a free, nonpartisan web site with comprehensive and balanced information on all eight initiatives appearing on the upcoming statewide special election ballot. The new guide is online at:

"Voters looking for a refuge from the confusing and misleading ads filling the airwaves will find it at our web site," said Kim Alexander, president and founder of the California Voter Foundation (CVF). "Every election voters are confronted with difficult choices on important policy issues. Our online guide enables voters to sort through the information for and against each measure and make confident decisions." A CVF survey conducted last summer found that confusion about issues and distrust of election information are leading reasons why many would-be voters sit on the sidelines at election time.

The online guide is designed to help busy people easily access reliable information about initiatives and their backers. The guide identifies major contributors supporting and opposing each measure, provides links to official campaign web sites, and highlights key information from the state ballot pamphlet, such as who signed the ballot measure arguments. The guide also features information on voter registration, absentee voting, county voting systems and contact information for county election offices.

CVF’s online guide also recommends other nonpartisan resources voters can rely on this election season, such as the League of Women Voters’ Smart Voter web site (, which provides information on local contests, and the Easy Voter Guide (, which offers concise summaries of each measure in multiple languages.

CVF has produced an online voter guide for every statewide election since 1994, when the organization was founded. "Twelve years ago voters who wanted to make informed choices had few options," Alexander said. "The Internet has opened up access to voter information and gives voters the chance to sort through their choices at their own pace," she added, noting that many of the proposition T.V. ads this year depict voters at computer screens to prepare for voting.

The California Voter Foundation is a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to advancing the responsible use of technology to improve the democratic process. More information about CVF is available at the organization’s web site.


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