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California Voter Foundation Identifies Top Ten Donors to California Proposition

$35 million raised to support and oppose measures on November ballot

Davis, CA -- Today the California Voter Foundation (CVF) released lists of the Top Ten Donors for and against each of the seven propositions on California's November 2002 ballot. CVF's Top Ten Donors lists are available online at CVF's California Online Voter Guide:

Top proposition funders include the California Teachers Association, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Taco Bell heir Robert McKay, and the Planning and Conservation League.

Teachers' interests are backing Proposition 47, a $13 billion education bond which is both the most expensive bond ever placed on a California ballot as well as the most expensive proposition campaign so far this election season, with $9.5 million raised in support, and no money in opposition. Prop 49, an initiative sponsored by Schwarzenegger to increase state funds for before- and after-school programs, ranks as the second most expensive measure on the ballot, with $8.2 million raised in support, and no money in opposition.

CVF president Kim Alexander said that her group produces the top ten donors lists to help voters make more informed choices on propositions. "California voters have a lot of decisions to make this election season," Alexander said. "CVF's Top Ten Donors lists is a great shortcut voters can use to quickly identify the funders behind each proposition."

A total of nearly $35 million has been raised for and against the seven propositions so far, which is a relatively small amount compared to what has been raised for and against propositions in past statewide elections. "At this stage in the 2000 general election, when there were eight statewide measures on the ballot, campaigns had already raised $120 million to support and oppose the measures," Alexander noted.

CVF's figures include all contributions reported by proposition campaigns from the time their campaign started through October 19th, end of the most recent campaign reporting period. CVF's figures do not currently include any of the "late contributions" of $1,000 or more that campaigns must disclose within 24 hours as of October 20th.

The California Voter Foundation has produced the Top Ten Donors lists for California propositions for the past five statewide elections as a free, public education service for California voters. The California Voter Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1994 and dedicated to advancing new technologies to improve democracy. CVF's work is supported through grants from foundations and donations from individuals. CVF is a nonpartisan organization and does not take positions on ballot measures or candidates. For more information, visit CVF's web site, at

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