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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

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Civic Groups on Both Coasts Encourage Patriotism at the Ballot Box

Voter Turnout Increases in New York City

New York, NY and Davis, CA -- On Tuesday, November 6th, local elections will be held in hundreds of communities across the country. Will the surge in patriotism translate into a surge in voter turnout? If New York City's mayoral primary turnout is any indication, the answer is yes.

Just two weeks after the terrorist attacks, nearly 800,000 New York City voters (32 percent) came out to vote in the city's rescheduled Democratic primary election on Sept. 25, almost double the number who voted in 1997, when turnout was only 18 percent.

"It is remarkable that turnout went up," said Joshua Schaff, director of SavvyVoter, a New York-based group seeking to improve civic participation. "Despite the city being in turmoil, many New Yorkers made voting a priority."

New Yorkers will again head to the polls November 6th to elect their next mayor and will be joined by voters in 38 other states who also have elections scheduled next Tuesday. Local elections are underway in communities across the nation, including San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Houston and Minneapolis. In addition, voters in New Jersey and Virginia will elect governors.

"We hope the surge in patriotism will motivate more people to vote," said Kim Alexander, president of the California Voter Foundation, a non-profit organization advancing new technologies to improve democracy. "The attacks against the U.S. underscore the important role governments at the federal, state and local levels play in keeping our country safe and free. Through voting citizens take part in shaping government and electing people who can lead us through the challenging times ahead."

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