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11th Edition, November 2004 General Election

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Proposition 63  Mental Health Services Expansion and Funding. Tax on Incomes over $1 Million. Initiative Statute. Passed

Official Summary

Provides funds to counties to expand services and develop innovative programs and integrated service plans for mentally ill children, adults and seniors. Requires state to develop mental health service programs including prevention, early intervention, education and training programs. Creates new commission to approve certain county programs and expenditures. Imposes additional 1% tax on taxable income over $1 million to provide dedicated funding for expansion of mental health services and programs. Current funding for mental health programs may not be reduced because of funding from new tax.

Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Additional revenues of approximately $250 million in 2004-05, $680 million in 2005-06, $700 million in 2006-07, and increasing amounts annually thereafter, with comparable increases in expenditures by the state and counties for the expansion of mental health programs. Unknown savings to the state and local agencies potentially amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars annually on a statewide basis from reduced costs for state prison and county jail operations, medical care, homeless shelters, and social services programs that would partly offset the additional cost of this measure. Full Text of Proposition (PDF)

Campaign Web Sites and Contact Information

Who Signed the Ballot Arguments

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Follow the Money

Supporters of Proposition 63 have raised approximately $4 million as of October 16, 2004. Major contributors as of October 31st include the California Council of Community Mental Health Agencies; the California Healthcare Committee on Issues, Sponsored by the California Healthcare Association; the California State Council of Service Employees Issues Committee; the California Teachers Association Issues PAC; and the Mental Health Association in Los Angeles County.

Opponents of Proposition 63 have raised approximately $17,000 as of October 16, 2004. Contributors as of October 31st include William F. Cronk, III, Retired, of Lafayette, CA; Robert Eichenberg, President of Ellison Ed. Eq., of Newport Beach; and Snider Executive Office.

Detailed information about all contributors for and against Prop 63 is available through Cal-Access, the Secretary of State's campaign finance website.

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The California Secretary of State publishes the Official Voter Information Guide with both a Quick Summary and Detailed Information about Proposition 63.

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