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February 2008 Presidential Primary Election

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About the Propositions

California's February ballot includes seven statewide propositions, also called ballot measures. Propositions are assigned numbers by the Secretary of State, and all require a simple majority to pass. Four of the measures (94-97) are referenda on laws passed by the legislature (see the definition of a referendum below for more detail).

Click on the links below for more information on each proposition, including the official summary, campaign contact information and links to campaign Web sites, news articles, top five donors for and against each measure, and a list of who signed the ballot arguments.

Definition - Referendum:

A referendum is the power of the people to approve or reject statutes adopted by the Legislature. However, referenda can not be used to approve or reject urgency measures or statutes that call for elections or provide for tax levies or appropriations for current expenses of the state. Voters wishing to block implementation of a legislatively-adopted statute must gather signatures of registered voters equal in number to 5% of the votes cast for all candidates for Governor in the previous gubernatorial election within 90 days of enactment of the bill. Once on the ballot, the law is defeated if voters cast more NO votes than YES votes on the referendum question. (Source: California Secretary of State)


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