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June 2008 Statewide Primary Election

16th edition

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Proposition 98 - Eminent Domain. Limits on Government Authority. Failed

Initiative Constitutional Amendment.


What a Yes or No Vote Means

A “YES” vote on this measure means: Government authority to take private property in order to transfer it to another private party would be greatly reduced. Rent control would be phased out.

A “NO” vote on this measure means: There would be no change to government’s authority to take property. That is, government could take property for a public purpose if government paid the owner for its value. Government could continue to control rent increases.

Full Text of Proposition 98/Proposed Law - (PDF)

Official Campaign Web Sites and Contact Information

Who Signed the Ballot Arguments

News Articles

  1. California voters face dueling measures on home seizure by eminent domain, by Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times, April 20, 2008.

  2. Rent control targeted in June election, by Mary Ann Milbourn, Orange County Register, April 2, 2008.

Follow the Money

Proposition 98
Campaign Finances through May 17, 2008



Oppose *

Total Raised



Top Donors





California Association of Realtors IMPAC
[Los Angeles, CA]


League of California Cities
(non-public funds & CITIPAC)
[Sacramento, CA]


Apartment Owners Association
[Van Nuys, CA]


California State
Association of Counties
(non-public funds)
[Sacramento, CA]


Thomas Coates
(and affiliated entity
Jackson Square Properties)
Mobile Home Park Owner
[San Francisco, CA]


California Redevelopment Association
(non-public funds)
[Sacramento, CA]


Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
(“No New Taxes” &
“Protect Prop. 13” projects)
[Los Angeles, Santa Monica, CA]


California State
Council of SEIU
(Ballot Issues Committee)
[Sacramento, CA]


California Farm Bureau Federation
[Sacramento, CA]


California Alliance For Jobs (Rebuild California Committee)
[Sacramento, CA],

California Construction Industry LMCT
[Sacramento, CA],

California Teachers Assn. (Issues PAC)
[Burlington, CA],

Peninsula Open Space Trust
[Palo Alto, CA],

The Nature Conservancy
[San Francisco, CA]



* The top financial opponents of Prop. 98 are also the top donors supporting Prop. 99 and are donating through a combined fundraising effort.

Detailed information about all contributors for and against Proposition 98 is available from campaign finance reports at Cal-Access, the Secretary of State's campaign disclosure web site. To view the most recent contributions, select a committee and click "Late and $5000+ Contributions Received".




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