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Nov 2, 2000: "Introduction to California's Ballot Measures" now online at
Oct 31, 2000: Proposition campaigns raise $120 million through 10/21/00
Oct 25, 2000: State voter guides flourish on the Web
Oct. 11, 2000: Updated Top Ten Donors List now online at!
Oct. 4, 2000: Top Ten Donors List Debuts on the Net!
Sept. 28, 2000: Fall 2000 California Online Voter Guide Debuts on the Net!
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About The California Online Voter Guide

The California Online Voter Guide is a clearinghouse of election information and web site links produced by the California Voter Foundation for every statewide election since 1994. Now in its seventh edition, the General Election 2000 voter guide provides nonpartisan information on California propositions, the Presidential election, congressional races, and state legislative contests.

This guide is a trustworthy portal through which voters can explore the rich and growing election resources the Internet now offers. We know people are busy. And we know people are confused about elections. It's no wonder -- there are so many choices to make. Thanks to the Internet, making informed decisions is now possible for California voters. There is a lot of great information online, and CVF's voter guide will help you find it.

The initial source material for this guide is the Certified List of Candidates and the official California Voter Information Guide, both produced by the Secretary of State. With this information, CVF contacted every California legislative, congressional and Presidential candidate, as well as every proposition campaign to collect updated campaign contact information and the addresses for official campaign web sites.

Within this guide you'll find hundreds of links to official campaign web sites, phone numbers for campaign offices, campaign contribution information that will help you "follow the money", and resources to help you get involved in the election process. What you won't find in the California Online Voter Guide is important, too -- there are no banner ads, no annoying java scripts, nothing fancy or flashing -- just basic information. You don't have to register to use our guide, you don't have to pay anything, and we're not going to set any "cookies" into your browser and track your political interests. What we will do is guide you through most of your ballot choices and hopefully, at the end, you'll feel confident and prepared to vote on Election Day.

About the California Voter Foundation

The California Voter Foundation is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing new technologies to improve democracy. We believe that we can make democracy better by providing the public with better access to the information and tools we all need to participate in politics and government. CVF is supported with tax-deductible contributions, and operates on a modest budget with a small, dedicated staff and crew of interns, and governed by a board of directors. As a 501(c)3 organization, we are required by law to be nonpartisan, and after producing six previous Internet voter guides, we're proud to say that the organization's independence and fairness has yet to be called into question. We plan to keep it that way. More information about CVF is available.

How You Can Help

You can help CVF shine a light on California politics by signing up to become a member. It's fast, it's easy, it doesn't cost very much, and your dollars will go far with CVF!

You can also help by giving us your feedback and suggestions. We also encourage word-of-mouth promotion of our web site -- please tell your friends to visit!

Lastly, but most importantly, you can help those around you make informed choices, too. Elections are a struggle for many of us, and it helps to discuss the issues and candidates. Why not have a house party? Invite some friends over, log on to this voter guide, have a good time with it. Elections can be fun and exciting -- if we make them that way.

Credits and Special Thanks

This voter guide is made possible through the generous contributions of foundations and members. CVF thanks the following foundations for their financial support of our 2000 election projects:

The James Irvine Foundation
The Carnegie Corporation of New York
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

CVF also wishes to thank the University of California, Davis' Department of Political Science for providing interns and student support for CVF's projects.

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