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California Propositions

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California's November 2000 ballot features eight state propositions that voters will be asked to approve or reject.

Five of the propositions are initiatives that were placed on the ballot by petition of the voters. The legislature placed three of the propositions on the ballot; one is a bond, one a constitutional amendment that requires voter approval, and one a piece of legislation that amends a previously-approved initiative and therefore requires voter approval.

State ballot measures are assigned numbers by the Secretary of State. All state ballot measures require a simple majority to pass. Your ballot may also include local measures, which are assigned letters rather than numbers.

To learn more about the initiative process and efforts to qualify initiatives for future ballots, visit the California Voter Foundation's Initiative Watch project. To send us your thoughts and suggestions about this voter guide, please complete our feedback form.

Prop 32

Veterans' Bond

Prop 33

Legislature, Retirement

Prop 34

Campaign Finance

Prop 35

Public Works Projects

Prop 36

Drug Treatment

Prop 37

Fees, Taxes

Prop 38

School Vouchers

Prop 39

School Facilities Bonds

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